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Directly imported from artists in St. Petersburg, these gorgeous hand-carved Russian wood Santas and Russian wooden keepsake boxes make thoughtful gifts for anyone who appreciates quality craftsmanship. Detailed depictions of Ded Moroz, also known as Old Man Frost, are intricately carved from solid wood and then hand-painted with extravagant depictions of Christmas and winter landscapes. Russian Santas are known the world over for their special folk art charm.

Small Penguin Trio Visiting Grandma, Hand Carved Christmas Figurine
Wood Santa with Polar Bear Scene Gray Coat and Rosy Cheeks
Nordic Style Grandfather Frost Figurine, Blue and White Robe
Birch Bark Small Heart Box with Wooden Ribbon Bow
Birch Bark Oval Box with Orthodox Cross Design
Birch Bark Cube Box with Intricate Red and Brown Design
Oval Birch Bark Box with Troika Design
Kneeling Grandfather Frost with Walking Stick and Lantern, 5.5 Inches Tall
Small Grandfather Frost with Blue, Tan, and Green Landscape on Robe
Grandfather Frost in Pale Blue Robe 5 inches Tall
Rustic Grandfather Frost on Sleigh with Bird
Santa Frost Fox Express with Baby Fox and Hidden Opening
Red Fox Figurine Red and Gold Fur Handcarved Wood from Russia
Russian Carved Santa with Woodland Animals, Bear and Wolf, Set of 3
Woodsman Russian Santa Claus with Christmas Tree, Owl, Elk and Baby Elk, Set of 3
Santa from Russia Silent Night Country Scene with Trees and Snow
Woodcarved Russian Bear in Fancy Red and Gold Dress
Alaskan Dreamer Hand-Carved Polar Bear from Russia Holding Salmon and Snowflakes
Hand-Carved, Hand-Painted Owl with Hidden Compartment
Birch Bark Oval Box with Delicate Red and Brown Design
Birch Bark Round Box with Intricate Red and Brown Design
Oval Birch Bark Box, Hand Carved Design
Multicolor Birch Bark Box in Red, Brown and Gold
Round Birch Bark Box with Intricate Brown, Tan and Gold Design
Flower Design Round Birch Bark Box in Browns, Reds, Gold and Tan Colors
Small Round Birch Bark Box with Amber Stone on the Lid
Birch Bark Oval Box with Intricate Brown, Tan and Gold Scalloped Design
Handcarved Russian Santa - Grandpa Frost with Winter Troyka
Ornate Grandfather Frost Figurine carrying Gift Bag
Grandfather Frost Figurine with Blue Robe and Bag, 7 inches
Green Robed St Patrick Style Grand Father Frost Figurine
Hand Carved Wood Irish Figure with Top Hat and Cane, 7.5 inches Tall, from Russia
Hand Carved Wooden Irish Santa, 7.5 inches tall, direct from Russia
Santa Figurine with Saxophone, Grandfather Frost with Sax
Grandpa Frost - Mardi Gras Santa with Violin
Smash Gifts also offers an enormous variety of stunning hand-carved Russian boxes that provide a safe place for all your cherished keepsakes. Each wooden box is meticulously carved in St. Petersburg with unbelievable detail and makes a great place for storing your earrings, coins, rings and other small items. They also make unique gift boxes themselves and look great when topped with a small bow.


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